Dmitri A. Stroganov

provenance: Ukraine
sources: Roerich, Vrubel, Modigilani, Churloenis

“My ultimate aim in creation of art is an integrated environment nourishing to the human eye and soul. Raised in a family of classical musicians, I compose with reference to a sound equivalent in my mind, so in creation of a visual art form it is essential for me to reach a symphonic quality through integration of colors, shapes and images.

“In my studio art I work with symbols to convey innuendoes of some unpronounceable experience of my travelling soul, so that the intimate confession to my Muse becomes somewhat universal and recognizable by others. Every time it unfolds into some mythical story of love, but ultimately it is a journey to my self, so when it is viewed, people recognize the steps and travel their own journey, creating their own Myth.“

Dmitri A. Stroganov

Artist Bio:

Dmitri Stroganov was born in Ukraine in 1961. Raised in a family of a classical musician and a teacher, Dmitri began his art training at age 13 under Nikolay V. Fedotov in Krivoy Rog. By the age of 25 Dmitri had completed his formal art training and apprenticeship, graduating from Odessa Pedagogical Institute?s Art Department. While in school, he has completed more than 30 public projects of monumental art, including murals, mosaics, stained glass and sculptures.

In 1991 Dmitri travelled through India and Nepal, studying ancient architecture and monumental arts and working as a muralist on several private projects. He then travelled to Australia, staying there for 10 months before finally coming to California in 1993. Dmitri has produced and sold over a hundred original canvas paintings that are now part of private collections in Moscow, Odessa, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Bombay, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and Vancouver.

Creating transformational interior and exterior environments for the past two decades, Dmitri Stroganov?s works are designed to create subtle and tasteful atmosphere enhancing and benefitting businesses and their audiences. Over sixty of his completed projects are featured at educational centers, hospitals, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and businesses in Northern and Southern California, Australia, India, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia.

You can contact Dmitri Stroganov in his studio in San Francisco.
Telephone number: 1(415)383–4902
Email Dmitri at:

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