Eric Boutilier-Brown

provenance: Nova Scotia, Canada

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John Christensen

provenance: USA

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Gabrielle Cinelli

provenance: New Mexico, USA

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Devora Geday

provenance: USA
sources: Chagall; Kandinsky; Picasso

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Philip Hellsten

provenance: USA
sources: Andy Warhol, Georges-Pierre Seurat, Chuck Close, mosaics from Ravenna, Italy and early computer art by artists like Ken Knowlton

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Ruby Lee

provenance: Great Britain, USA
influences: Leonardo Da Vinci and Utamaro

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Raymond Martineau

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Mario Passavanti

provenance: Italy
sources: Maestro Romano Stefanelli and Maestro Pietro Annigoni

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Diane Pruett

provenance: USA
sources: Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, Fauvism and Post-Impressionism

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James Redo

provenance: San Francisco | Europe
sources: MC Escher, Albrecht Dürer

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James B. Sanders

Gemwear by an artist collective known as Curressence.

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Catherine Segurson

provenance: USA
influences: Wayne Thiebaud, Chagall, Gabrielle Munter, Frida Kahlo and Elaine De Kooning

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Dmitri A. Stroganov

provenance: Ukraine
sources: Roerich, Vrubel, Modigilani, Churloenis

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Nicholas Weeks

provenance: USA
Influences: Alexander Caulder, Arnie Freytag, Annie Lebovitz, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Jimi Hendrix, Sugar Magnolia, Saint Steven, Mark Seliger, Herb Ritts, and David Chapelle.

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Joan Weiss

provenance: USA

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