James Redo

provenance: San Francisco | Europe
sources: MC Escher, Albrecht Dürer

Artist Bio

Redo is a native San Franciscan, born on Nov. 19, 1942 of Portuguese heritage. As a world class fine artist and published poet, he has produced thousands of drawings and paintings, and scores of sculptures in wood and stone. To say Redo is prolific would be an understatement ? his work expresses complex ideas in a direct and eloquent manner, thereby retaining the quality of mystery implicit in all great works of art. The work stimulates a passionate response and provokes deep intellectual reflection through its intensity.

Redo developed a love for traveling at an early age and received his education primarily in Europe, North Africa, and North America. His first show was at the age of 10 at the Iolani Palace in Hawaii. At the age of 13 while living in Frankfurt, Germany, he had his first profound encounter with one of the great spirits of art, the famous Renaissance artist Albrecht D?rer, a precursor to Escher.

“This exhibition opened me intellectually to the world of art. It connected my mind and spirit to the world of humanity. Everything jelled; The focus demonstrated in D?rer?s work in turn invoked my own focus. From that exchange I had my initial understanding of philosophy and its message.

“This reverberated in my soul.”

James Redo

Later in Europe, Redo spent much of his time drawing in the Louvre in Paris, the Riikes Museum in Amsterdam, Holland, and other great museums in major cities throughout Europe.

“Two of my early art teachers gave me confidence in myself. They taught me not to worship others. My education in the fine arts includes experiencing the major museums of the world.

“The US is a nation that represents a diversity of all cultures ? it is a land of opportunity that invites the dialogue necessary for the survival of all culture. And particularly, in the Bay Area, ?where its happening? ? all of the creative dialogue necessary for transforming consciousness within a high?tech environment.

“Fine Art in the US is generally seen as a luxury. I?ve had many ?conversations? with the great spirits of art and learned that though fine art may be a luxury, it is a necessity for the enlightened spirit and the endowment of a bounteous life.

“To my mind Fine Art is never only reducible to any blatant commercial equation. What is Fine Art after all but the articulation of our humanity. My work expresses a quality of purpose throughout the entire process, from inspiration to fruition, in the various media with which I work.

“People who like spicy food love my work.”

James Redo
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