Catherine Segurson

provenance: USA
influences: Wayne Thiebaud, Chagall, Gabrielle Munter, Frida Kahlo and Elaine De Kooning

Some writers wait years to be paid, but Catherine started at the tender age of ten. She earned an allowance by writing poetry. She wrote and then staged a play in the garage of her home. (Automatic garage doors make wonderful curtains for an audience seated on kitchen chairs in the drive way.) For eight years she has been improving her craft by attending writing workshops and submitting freelance work to magazines. She is currently at work on a novel of historical fiction set in 1537 Italy about a character in the painting The Venus of Urbino by Titian. Her main objective as a writer is to see her novel in print, worldwide, in every language. But, like most writers, she is currently trying to find a home in literary magazines for her short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction.

Catherine has also been drawing since she can remember, but her work as a visual artist began at age 19 when she took her first painting class from Wayne Theibaud at the University of California Davis. He opened up the world of colorist art for her, and she has been splashing in the bright oils of his limited palette ever since. She has attended painting workshops and painted in plein air groups for eight years. She began selling her paintings through Danville Fine Arts and annually at the Danville Open Studios tour.

Her idea that all arts are interconnected keeps her attending workshops in art, writing, and poetry, music and film. She currently hosts a monthly salon in her studio where artists of different disciplines create together in an open forum.

Writing experience:

Painting Experience:

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